EFT – Energy Toxins

We live in a sewer I opened a new bar of soap this morning and read the label. It has 8 chemicals in it I never heard of. They all get on my body when I shower. My shaving cream has 7 such ingredients and my hand lotion has 13. These go on my body too. My toothpaste didn’t show any ingredients but I’m sure it has several chemicals that no doctor would advise me to eat. Yet they seep into my system through the sensitive membranes in my mouth.
Then there is my underarm deodorant that has 9 foreign chemicals in it. And, if I was a woman, I would be subject to numerous cosmetics. Eyeliner and lipstick to name but two.

I wonder how many noxious chemicals find their way into our bodies through such things as facial creams, hair spray, cologne, perfume, shampoo and hair conditioner. It has to be an intimidating list and, so far… we haven’t even left the bathroom.

The water that comes out of our faucets contains another list of toxic substances. Yet we bathe in it, cook in it and make our morning coffee with it. Chemical residues from the laundry soap in which we wash our clothes come in contact with our bodies all day long. We sleep between sheets that have these same residues.

There are chemical air fresheners and deodorants in our homes and offices that smell nice, but do so at the expense of filling our air with foreign substances.

We eat rancid popcorn at movie theaters that is loaded with salt. We drink “soft drinks” that are nothing more than chemical *censored*tails. We consume massive amounts of refined sugar. Our foods are laden with a list of to the chair in which you are sitting or maybe the room you are occupying has been newly painted.

So….just the physical act of moving can remove you from some offending item. You might want to stand up and go elsewhere in the room. If that fails go to another room or go outdoors. Since EFT takes so little time to perform, you can move to severaldifferent places and try it out. If you find success by moving, then rest assured you have removed yourself from some toxin to your energy system. If you still have no luck then use….

Energy toxin avoidance method #2 — Remove your clothing and take a thorough bath or shower without soap. The clothes we wear have chemicals on them that may interfere with our energy system. The fabrics themselves may cause sensitivity as may the various chemicals with which they are manufactured. The chemicals used by laundries and dry cleaners as well as the residue from your laundry soap can also irritate your energy system.

You may have residues on your body from numerous other substances. Perfume, shaving cream, soap, cosmetics, hair spray, shampoo, conditioner, etc.

My experience has shown that sometimes even a very minute amount of a toxic substance is enough to cause a problem.

Please remember that a substance that is toxic to your energy system may not be toxic to someone else’s. Energy toxins have very individualized effects. So, in case any of these things is interfering with your progress you will need to take a bath or shower and scrub vigorously with a soap free washrag. Make sure you include sensitive areas such as underarms and the genitalia. Be diligent around areas where you may have applied perfume or cosmetics.

Rinse your hair thoroughly. Don’t use soap or shampoo in the process as it can leave a residue of its own. Doing these things will usually remove the chemicals on your body. Then start fresh with EFT. But this time….do it in the buff.

I know that sounds a little odd but this will often do the job. This way all chemicals are off your body and you minimize the chance of them interfering with your energy system. Make sure you stand up so that you avoid contact with chairs or beds or other possible offending substances. You will be barefoot, of course, and it would be best if you stood on a hardwood floor or a board or a piece of plastic. This way you avoid your carpet and any chemicals that may be on it.

If the above procedure results in success with EFT, then an energy toxin was likely in your way. However, if you make no headway despite this effort then use….

Energy toxin avoidance method #3 — Wait a day or two. If methods #1 and #2 don’t allow you the result you are looking for then, chances are, the energy toxins aren’t on you. They are probably in you.

This means that the toxins were ingested. You either ate or drank them. If you wait a day or two, you allow the ingested toxins to be eliminated. And, once eliminated, they are not around to compete with these echniques.

If the ingested toxin is something you consume consistently, however, your system will, at best, have only small windows of time within which EFT can be successfully administered. If, for example, coffee is an energy toxin to you, then your everyday consumption minimizes the opportunity for EFT to work. It is forced to compete with an ever present enemy within.

We are often addicted to the things we consume consistently and thus giving them up presents a problem. EFT provides a valuable aid for those who want to get beyond their addictive cravings. This is covered elsewhere in this course.

This brings us to an interesting point. Energy toxins are not always things that are commonly known to be bad for you. French fries, for example, fail to make the “healthy foods list” of just about every nutritionist in the country. But that doesn’t mean that they interfere with your energy system. On the contrary, I often find that french fries are not in the way of these techniques. That still doesn’t make them advisable to eat, of course. On the other hand, otherwise healthy foods can be very bothersome to your energy system.

As a general rule, things you consume a lot of will tend to be energy toxins to you. This is true even for the healthiest of foods….even lettuce. Lettuce, like all other plants, develop their own internal toxins to ward off predators. It is a natural form of self preservation.

We ingest these toxins, of course, whenever we eat the host plant. Normally, our bodies handle these toxins with ease. But if we eat a lot of lettuce then we begin to overload our systems with these “lettuce toxins.” These excess toxins then become bothersome to the body and, in particular, can irritate the body’s energy system.

This goes for potatoes, peas, plums and any other food that we eat. In short, foods we overdo become candidates to be energy toxins. It would be advisable to cut back on their consumption. While virtually anything could be toxic to your energy system, there are some items that show up with some frequency They may or may not be toxins to you but they are common.

I list them below:

Perfume Refined Sugar Alcohol

Herbs Coffee Nicotine

Wheat Tea Dairy

Corn Caffeine Pepper

And how will you know which foods may be irritating your energy system enough to inhibit The Basic Recipe from working? You won’t. But if you will eliminate all of the above substances from your diet for a week the chances are excellent that The Basic Recipe will start working its wonders. If that doesn’t do it then ask yourself intuitively what it might be. Your intuition is often accurate.

Everyone experiences toxins but that doesn’t mean they will interfere with these techniques. On the contrary, most people are not bothered enough by the energy toxins to infringe on these marvelous procedures.

On the other hand we must also be mindful that some ailments are caused by allergens or other forms of pollution. This is just common sense. Nonetheless, we are often able to relieve the symptom even though its cause is from the environment. In fact, we can sometimes collapse the allergic reaction itself by using EFT. For example…

Even though I am sensitive to wheat…

Even though I am allergic to my cat…

Even though my soap causes a skin rash…

And so on.

I’ve seen many cases where allergic reactions completely disappear with the use of EFT. This is not always the case but it is certainly worth a try. Let me also mention that, in some cases, simply removing a given substance from someone’s diet or environment can provide dramatic healing results. For example, one friend of mine had bouts of depression for many years. She took prozac and all the drugs and had no real relief…only temporary masking of the problem.

She eventually discovered that she was sensitive to wheat and, upon eliminating wheat from her diet, the depression lifted entirely. No pills, no EFT, or anything else. Just the cessation of wheat in her diet.

The Value of Persistence

I started EFT Part II with the following reminder…

…if you will persistently apply The Basic Recipe while being “tuned in” to your problem, there is a good likelihood that the problem will fade away.

Persistence, by itself, can serve to sidestep the effects of many of these impediments. With persistence you will be performing The Basic Recipe at different times of the day…indoors and outdoors…at the office…in the home…while wearing different clothes…and while enjoying different diets. This means your toxic environment will be constantly shifting and you are likely to find one or more time windows where energy toxins (assuming they represent a problem for you) are not in your way.

Also, the Collarbone Breathing Problem is not consistently present. It comes and goes and persistence will probably find a time window for you where the Collarbone Breathing Exercise is not necessary (assuming it was necessary in the first place). And with persistence you are repeatedly performing The Setup and addressing Aspects thereby routinely handling most problems presented by these phenomena.

My point here is that… persistence pays. Diligently and persistently apply The Basic Recipe to whatever problem interests you and you will likely raise your success ratio without having to dwell on the technicalities of these impediments. Your success ratio will be even higher if you apply EFT to all the specific events in your life that may contribute to whatever problem you are addressing.