Demand Switches Revolutionizes EMF Protection in North America

EMF’s (electromagnetic fields) consist of electric fields, magnetic fields radio frequency waves known as (RF). They are invisible waves that are in close proximity to electrical wiring, electronic devices, electrical appliances and wireless communication devices. They are 3 completely different fields that must be detected by separate devices and reduced by different techniques. Each field has negative effects on the human body.
AC Electric Fields

AC electric fields are produced by the presence of an AC voltage. For example the 120 volt power lines that run through the walls, floors and ceilings, of a building. AC (alternating current) electric fields are the energization of the space surrounding live electric wires. These fields are present even when electricity is not being used. AC electric fields are produced continuously by the electrical wires in your home or office. They affect the area directly surrounding any live wire electrical wire. They decrease in strength as the distance from the source increases and can be measured by low frequency electric field analyzers which measures in volts/meter. Electric fields are attracted to the human body and can be measured as an AC voltage on the body, “Human Body Voltage”. With the use of a hand probe and a “Body Voltage Meter Kit” the exposure levels can be determined. The fields can be controlled by detecting and eliminating the source and by shielding.

AC Magnetic Fields

AC Magnetic fields are caused by the imbalance of line current in electrical wiring or the presence of a magnetic field caused by an electrically induced electromagnetic field. AC (alternating current) magnetic fields are the energization of the space around electric current flow. These fields are caused by an AC electric current flow. They affect the immediate area around the source and decrease in strength as the distance from the source increases. They can be measured with low frequency magnetic field analyzers or Gauss Meters which measure in milli-gauss or nano-tessla. The fields can be controlled by detecting and eliminating the source. Shielding is difficult.

Radio Frequency Waves (RF)

RF Radiation travels easily through air and is emitted from all wireless communication devices. This includes cell phone/microwave transmission towers, cell phones, cordless phones, wireless internet connections and more. RF radiation is wide spread and continuously emitted from each local communication towers 24 hours a day. Exposure can be measured with High Frequency RF analyzers that measure in microwatts per square meter. Once exposure levels and the direction of the sources is determined, shielding can de implemented.

House Wiring EMF and Power Line EMF – Emission of Radiation

Adverse Health effects from House Wiring EMF

The use of electricity comes with a price, but we do not want to pay with our health. In today’s high-tech world, electricity is a necessity. It makes life convenient, fun and provides us with essential energy to survive in our environmental climate. However, there are some negative affects. With the mere presence of electricity, we unsuspectingly expose ourselves to invisible fields of varying intensities. Electric and Magnetic Fields are radiated from all electrical wiring in our walls and electronic equipment, even when the equipment is turned off. When the human body is exposed to these fields, changes begin to occur at cellular levels and biological changes will result. In the average home, exposure levels and length of exposure is quite high. Awareness and reduction of these fields are vital. Adverse health effects are caused from the presence of electricity.

Power Line EMF and the generation of electricity

Electricity is generated in a power plant (water, nuclear or coal fire), then transformed into high voltage electricity. Once transformed, it is distributed to a substation via high voltage distribution lines. From substation to substation the voltage is reduced in increments until it reaches your fuse box. In generating and distributing electricity, electric and magnetic fields are created. Under high voltage power lines both fields are extremely high but decrease with distance. Governments around the world have created laws and guidelines to limit the distance that high voltage power lines are from buildings. Most people admit they would not want to live under a high voltage power line, for obvious reasons. Something not so obvious is the fact that the same condition exists within all buildings. A structure can be located many miles from high voltage power lines but can still contain high electric and magnetic fields. This is because our walls, ceilings and floors contain dozens of live power lines that continually provide electricity to our appliances, lights and receptacles. Similar to the high voltage power lines, live electrical wires and equipment in our homes constantly emit high electric and magnetic fields.

The US and Ontario Government, as well as US, Canadian and European Universities have studied these fields for many years. The findings are alarming.

1979 ( Wertheimer ) USA
1992 ( Ahlbom and Feychting ) Sweden
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DR. Miller ( Hydro Ontario ) University of Toronto

How can you protect yourself from EMF?

Demand Switches

Many studies have proven that constant exposure to electrical and magnetic fields, emitted by all electrical wiring in the walls, can be detrimental to our health. In our rapidly growing high-tech world the number of sources of electric and magnetic fields is constantly increasing. We must be cautious. Just like allergies often develop from over exposure to seemingly harmless substances, more of us are finding that we are becoming sensitive to electric and magnetic fields.

Biologists and other specialists in the field agree that we must be cautious of where we sleep. Some of the highest level electric and magnetic fields are found in our bedrooms. Wiring for downstairs lighting, upstairs receptacles, lighting and fans commonly run through the ceilings, walls and floors of our bedrooms. This wiring constantly radiates electric fields, even when everything is switched off.

The typical bedroom has bedside lamps, clock radios, electric blankets, VCR’s, televisions etc… On average we spend approximately 1/3 of our life in this room. While we sleep our body grows and tries to repair itself. During this process thousands of electrical impulses are occurring in our bodies and it is crucial that we have an interference free environment for this to take place.

Currently, our beds are surrounded by a curtain of electric and magnetic fields caused by the mere presence of A/C (Alternating Current) in our wiring, even when everything is switched off. Sleep is the time when our body repairs itself. If the body is exposed to electric and magnetic radiation during this time, the immune system will be suppressed and prevent the natural repair process from occurring. EMF Safety is a concern.

Automatic Demand Switches work quite simply by shutting off the electricity at the fuse box. For example, if a switch is installed on a lighting circuit in the bedroom, the switch will automatically sense when the last light on that circuit is turned off at night. At this point the automatic switch has determined there is no demand for electricity and turns off the electricity at the fuse box. Therefore there is no voltage present in the wires beyond the fuse box, eliminating electric fields on this wiring circuit. This is a simple yet 100% effective method of protection from electric fields emitted by this lighting circuit. With the demand switch installed, our cells will be able to repair themselves naturally as we sleep.

In the morning, when you awake and switch on the lights, the Automatic Demand Switch senses a demand for electricity and automatically restores electricity to this circuit for normal operation. In most cases, the demand switch is the most effective way of eliminating unwanted electric fields in the bedroom.

The Remote Control Demand switches’ purpose is the same as the automatic switch except that it is a manual switch, not automatic. One physically needs to press a button on a remote control to turn off the circuit. The remote control unit is used to turn the electricity on and off at the fuse box. This can be done conveniently at bedtime without leaving the comfort of your bedroom. This is recommended primarily for use on circuits that have electronic devices that constantly require electricity to operate even, when switched off, for example, TV, stereo, clock radio etc. The automatic disconnection switch is not designed for these types of electronic devices. The remote control demand switch can be used in conjunction with relays to control multiple circuits if necessary.